Sync Your Exercise with Your Cycle

Did you know that your menstrual cycle can tell you so much about how your current training, recovery and nutrition regime is working for you? If you would like to know how and why to track your cycle and how this can help you to get the most out of your training, this class is for you.

Emma Warner

Women's Health Trainer and Rehabilitation Specialist

Achieve Better Sleep Quality

In this fascinating talk, learn about what actually happens to our brain and body whilst we sleep, and how it impacts almost every aspect of both our mental and physical health. Most importantly, learn how to achieve better sleep quality in order to feel your best each day, through practical, take home tips that you can start applying straight away.

Kate Bridle

Sleep Physiologist

Physical Changes During the Fourth Trimester

This class will cover the key things you need to know for your physical post-natal journey. It will discuss and provide advice on the first few days (including our top tips for your first poop (!)), how to safely move around and when and how to get started with exercise!

Jenny Fielding

Women's Health Physiotherapist

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Group Sessions 

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