This is a series of 3 online classes, each lasting one hour.


This class will prepare you for the marathon of childbirth and parenting. You become so focused on giving birth you forget to prepare your own body, mind and spirit for pregnancy. The pre-natal preparation is vital to having a healthy pregnancy, birth, and post-partum experience. Consider the process of parenting like a marathon - you wouldn’t run a 25 K without a little preparation, would you?


The pre-natal preparation should be for at least 90 days before getting pregnant - for both mama and daddy. You will eat right, think right, and treat yourself right during this time. Learn how to understand your cycle and maximize your well-being and the well-being of your new little one who is on the way.


This series is led by Dr. Katherine Dale, ND. During her 18-year practice as a Naturopath Dr. Dale has focused on uncovering the mysteries of Women’s Health with a focus on normalizing the conversation around menstruation, menopause, and fertility. As a natural medicine doctor, Katherine guides her patients to balance hormones, energy, and mood.


In this series Dr. Dale will give you the tools and information to give yourself the best chance to conceive naturally and prepare your body to carry a healthy pregnancy:

  • Go through a simple detox and learn to how to nourish and develop your fertile body with healthy foods and recipes
  • Learn meditation methods to calm your mind and engage your body in the process of getting pregnant
  • Engage your spirit with mantra, mindful sexuality, and using light from moonlight and darkness to regulate your sensitive biorhythms.


Main subjects to be covered

  • Understanding and maximizing the health of your period and your hormones
  • Recognizing how your cycle will affect the outcomes of your birth and life as a mommy
  • Creating space for your new child


Teaser: the better you prepare for the marathon of birth, the better prepared you will be for the joys of parenting.


Expert: Dr. Katherine Dale 

Getting Pregnant Naturally - Group Class

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