Breathwork for Energy

Duration: 1 Hour

Group Session: $75 USD

Private Consultation: $150

Expert: Aigul Safiullina, Certified Breathwork Practitioner

Do you feel like you are constantly out of energy, sluggish and have difficulty to find enthusiasm in your daily activities? Caffeine might give you a short term boost, but it will do little to improve your energy levels on a long term basis, or make you genuinely stronger.

Did you know that the quality of our inhale has been proven to significantly improve our energy and help us perform at our best?

This class will combine breathwork with gentle movement to awaken your primary breathing muscles and promote the efficient distribution of oxygen and blood in your body.

Aigul Safiullina is a certified breathwork practitioner and during this class she will explain to you how breathwork can not only increase your energy levels, but also have a positive and lasting impact on your overall health.

Aigul will start with a short breathing workout, touch on the energy management and maintenance and make a breathing assessment. She will introduce to you techniques used by the professional athletes and first responders and help you practice them. You will be given a 14-day-plan with the exercises to build up your daily breathwork routine which will have benefits far beyond the increased every levels, to every part of your health.

Aigul will teach you an energy shower exercise that might just give you a stronger boost than that cup of coffee in the morning.

You will end the class feeling awake, energized and stronger.