Breathwork for Stress Relief

Duration: 1 Hour

Group Session: $75 USD

Private Consultation: $150 USD

Expert: Aigul Safiullina, Certified Breathwork Practitioner

With more factors adding stress and pressure to our lives, our bodies no longer can process it and manifest through emotional imbalances and physical pain, including dysfunctional breathing patterns. Out of all the solutions available, breathwork is probably the most accessible one - it's right at the tips of our nose!

Conscious breathing is directly linked to an improvement of all functions in our body: stronger immune system, regular heart rate, reduced blood pressure, balanced digestion, reduced inflammation… even our posture improves!

Slowing down your breath to 6 cycles per minute will immediately put you into a parasympathetic state – the state where the body heals, recovers and inflammatory markers are reduced. Through the right breathing techniques you will be able to reduce anxiety, insomnia disorders, clear up your mind and be in control of your emotions. Once we take control of our breathing patterns, we are able to become masters of our body, mind and soul.

Aigul Safiullina is a certified breathwork practitioner will explain to you how breathwork can help you release stress, calm anxieties and she will give you the tools for you to start improving your health through better breathing.

In this class, you will learn how to make your own breathing assessment, master the practical tools for stress release and deep relaxation, and how to apply them to your daily routine. You will walk away with the 14-day-plan to improve your breathing habits.

Aigul will start the class with the breathing assessment and short theory on our primary breathing muscles, followed by the meditation on the 4 dimensions of breath awareness.

You will then discover the breathing exercises that can work as a quick fix and touch on techniques for long term solutions.

You will feel cleansed and detoxified on your physical, emotional, and mental levels.