Building a Resilient Immune System

Duration: 1 Hour

Group Session: $100 USD

Private Consultation: $200 USD

Expert: Dr. Ji Woon Min, Naturopathic Doctor

This class if for those:
- Who suffer from low immunity, frequent infections that always settle down to the chest
- Who are silently panicking about the next wave
- Who are interested in building healthy and resilient immune system against the pandemic virus

In this course, you will learn about:
- What COVID-19 has taught us about the immune system so that we can reduce sick days, recover rapidly and stay well even in the middle of the pandemic.
- Simple methods of identifying leaks in your immune system that result in constant snuffles and lingering coughs that end in sleepless nights.

You will also be given a smart supplementation guide to reducing sick days by 80% without merely guessing what to take or playing by ear.