Healing Through Self-Compassion

Duration: 1 Hour

Group Session: $100 USD

Private Consultation: $200 USD

Expert: Valery Molone, Board Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach, Performance Coach

Self-love is one of the most easily and frequently preached concepts, but the most challenging!

In one minute, you can be in love with yourself and, the next, find something you absolutely despise about yourself. Before you know it, you fall into an endless pit of self-destructive thoughts and you don’t want that!

Self-awareness is partly knowledge about the self: strengths and weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and passions. It can be derived in many ways from many sources. Your thoughts are a storyteller, we tell ourselves stories about who we are and that will give us our identity. Our self- concept is our self-identity. It is our image. The conception of who we are – it is our idea of our self. This concept of self relates to how we think, understand and know our self.

We are each responsible for taking good care of ourselves. We each have a duty to ensure we feel safe in our own bodies and minds.

In this class we will explore:

1. What is self-love.

2. Why you should practice self-love.

3. How to practice self-love!

In the first part of the class you will learn all about self-love and self- compassion. In the second part you will be given all the rituals and guidelines that can be put in place to practice self-love.