The Healing Month

Duration: 1h30

Group Session: $120 USD

Private Consultation: $230 USD

Experts: Gigi Ngan, TCM Practitioner & Anca Griffiths

The Healing Month class offers women the knowledge and tools to help heal their bodies and minds after pregnancy.

Did you know that in the month after giving birth new mothers have the best chance of restoring their health to an optimal state? In fact, in many Asian cultures it is understood that a woman can become even healthier and stronger than before getting pregnant if she follows the right healing methods in the 30 days after delivery. – And we are not talking about “stay in the house” and “do not wash your hair”, those are outdated concepts that are no longer relevant or helpful in today’s context.

The life-changing concept of the Healing Month is derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), but in this class has been given a modern and accessible approach to support new mothers in their postnatal healing phase.

Hosted by Anca Griffiths a mother of two, and Gigi Ngan TCM Doctor, this class will take you through the three most important aspects that contribute to transitioning the new mom to a stronger state than before, including appropriate nutrition and hydration, restorative care and body care.

During this one-hour online session you will discover the 10 Most Important Rules to the Healing Month and how they will help you recover your body and mind to a stronger state than ever before.

The Healing Month will bring the new mommy, both short term and long-term benefits and will create a platform of health that will follow her for the rest of her life. From hormone balance, reduced chances of postpartum depression, improved brain function, renewed energy, strong digestion, uterus health, and better-quality sleep, and calmer nerves/emotions, rejuvenated skin and weight loss (although that is not the goal, just one of the bonus side effects), the new mommy can fuel the body’s natural healing phase during the post-birth phase. This class is for all pregnant women that would like to support their bodies in the healing journey after giving birth.

We recommend that pregnant women attend before 35 weeks pregnancy so that they have the time and headspace to prepare for this amazing journey.​